Ravensbrook Lamb

At K&B we source a selection of lambs, we regularly have a supply of Yeringberg Lambs coming through and at other times use the very high quality Castricum lamb. The local lambs have been raised grazing on open pastures at the Yeringberg property which is one of the oldest and largest family run farms in the valley. They come in at between 18-25 kilos and have a lovely, grassy flavour and pale flesh.

At K&B we like to do interesting things with the whole animal, the legs are boned and garnished with fresh rosemary and garlic & lemon. The shoulders go straight to the hotel bar where the chefs roast them for five hours served them in a roasting pan for two. The loins are rolled around feta and herbs and wrapped in prosciutto ready to roast and slice. Then there are our lamb merguez sausages or the more traditional lamb & rosemary. And of course if you dont feel like cooking grab a slow cooked red lamb curry with coconut & lime or a spicy Moroccan style tagine.


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